Beacon Accelerator Holdings is a Florida-based life science group catalyzing early-to-late stage research and development of therapeutic companies.   Beacon Accelerator is part of the public-private initiative with the Town of Jupiter, Florida, to develop further the life science R&D ecosystem.  Beacon has been working closely with the town of Jupiter for a number of years and the local government is supportive of the project.

Beacon-Accelerator Has These Goals:

To improve life sciences for all:  We will empower smaller life sciences companies with the tools typically only available to larger biotech or pharma, allowing them to benefit fully from their intellectual property and entrepreneurial energy.  We are not reinventing the wheel: we are amalgamating, streamlining, and democratizing access to established tools and processes that are currently too disparately configured and capital intensive thus imposing hurdles to progress in life science discoveries.​  Secular trends are driving growth in early-to-late stage life sciences businesses and underpin our business model.  


The Human Condition: Globalization has resulted in increasing awareness of the range and connectedness of our diseases, for example:

  • Demography drives the need for more effective therapies with the growth and aging of the baby boomer generation as we tend to live longer. Huge populations are impacted by this, in the developed and the developing world;

  • Connectivity means that viral diseases, in particular, are able to spread swiftly, as we have seen of late.  There is likely to be an increasing need for research and development of appropriate vaccines and therapies in the areas of the adaptive and innate immune system as well as other key indications which currently drive the therapeutic sector;

The Breadth and Sheer Volume: There are approximately 10,000 known diseases, only 500 of which are currently addressable with treatments.  Scientific breakthroughs: Increasing focus on, and successes in, biomolecular solutions for diagnostic and therapeutic problems, yielding disease-altering therapeutics, and a new era of biologic manufacturing and novel drug discovery. 

Constant Change is the Norm: The life sciences industry is evolving rapidly, and under increasing pressure to produce advanced therapeutics and vaccines targeting: Oncology, Immunology, Cardiology, Aging, Central Nervous System (CNS)-related diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and ALS, and Infectious Diseases.  We aim, through our APCs to be part of a solution that intends to deliver a diversified pipeline of preventative, regenerative, and disease-altering therapeutics.

The Beacon Group has ventured to develop via the Beacon Pharmaceutical Jupiter endeavor, a portfolio of quality manufacturing CDMO throughout the state of Florida including the development of the Flagship facility in Jupiter; to host  Beacon Global Health advisory and CDMO clients and Beacon Capital management affiliate.



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