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The Vision

At Beacon Pharmaceutical we value great ideas and are passionate about removing obstacles to success, encouraging innovators to focus on the science and unleash the full potential of their scientific discoveries.

Innovation is the driving force behind medical breakthroughs and Beacon Pharmaceutical is committed to facilitates tomorrow’s miracles. 

The Beacon Accelerator empowers scientific innovators by providing the optimal environment and a flexible platform with a variety of professional services that enables their emerging companies to catalyze growth and to deliver life-saving and life-enhancing solutions where they are needed.


The Beacon Accelerator is designed to highlight the incredible innovations taking place outside the walls of traditional pharmaceutical companies and will provide its resident companies with every tangible advantage to succeed, providing access to core research facilities hosting specialized equipment, educational and mentoring programs, operational capabilities and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


We will support our accelerator companies through the laborious time of the development phases with the necessary resources to move a product through the path to commercialization.